Going to 10 NBA Games in 50 Hours (2023)


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We've been to 3 NBA games in 24 hours and 5 NBA Games in 50 hours but now it's time for the final impossible challenge... 10 NBA games in 50 hours!

Going to 7 NBA Playoff Games in 5 Days!

Going to 5 NBA Games in 50 hours

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In the next 50 hours, we are going to 10 NBA games, I couldn't, do it by myself so I had to bring the boys where is Sacramento and we're in Boston and I am in Utah me.

And the boys are each going to three games at each game, we're gonna pick which team we think will win.

And if we're right that's the point and to make things more interesting, we'll, pick one player that we think will score the most points who's every player scored the most points out of all three teams will earn an extra bonus Point.

Whoever ends up with the most points goes to the 10th game with core side seats.

We need that result.

Let's go.

This is going to be our hardest challenge yet let's go inside.

We do not have Courtside for this game though we are at the top of the Arena I do actually know the owner of the Utah Jazz.

So I have a master plan for me and Trav to upgrade.

Our seats I am with the legend right now.

Ryan Smith about to give us a tour of the stadium here's our special Suite.

This is kind of where the magic happens it's like a living room, right? It's like a restaurant kitchen.

Yeah, yeah.

We say, it's.

The best restaurant in Utah right, there's coach will what's up what's up what's up.

Youtube what's up.

You guys know, I'm an NBA arena, connoisseur, I think, this is the nicest Suite I've been here.

We got YouTube going here.


We have the goat.

We have Danny you're on YouTube, dude, we're just going everywhere.

We've now made it to the court.

The Bucks are warming up.

Right now.


My coach is down there that's.

My coach.


I got the dump for him.

Yes, sir Ryan I got a proposal shot for a shot top of the key if I win, you gotta upgrade.

My seats Ryan did beat Dwayne Wade in the shooting contest.

So it's, no joke.

Yes, record time.

I got it I'll pay my best you don't want to go two out of three I'll.

Just take the win I mean, if you throw a jersey in there, I'll respond marketing.




Then you got to go back up it's worth it.

Probably nothing I'm.

Confident keep going first I'll, go first, nice, oh, I'm, done I'm out I'm taking my win.


How close we are.

This is insane right here right here right here right here.

Oh, guys.

Look who we ran into is the man home section, that's, good.

How are you recovering I'm doing good doing good? After the game? You did say you'd beat me 11-0, but I think if we played right now, I'd, win, no, no, no, no I'm, not injured all the way all right me.

And the boys are gonna try to get a high five from every single jazz player.

They're about to walk out right here.

They got that side.

I gotta do the side.

Let's get these high fives.

Yes, sir let's.


Yes, sir, yes, sir no.

We did it.

Yes, oh we're.

Not done like who is this grown man asking for iBot we're so close to the court I think I might get some of their sweat on me.

This is absurd like we're supposed to be at the top of the stadium.

We ended up down here along with the courtside seats.

I got my jerseys.

Yes, sir our first challenge for each game is we have to predict the winner of the game for a point who do you think's gonna win I'll go into your bed.

I gotta say, the flux just got Giannis here for our Second Challenge, we're competing with all the other guys.

We have to pick a player from our game who we think is going to score the most points, we know who to pick, yeah, you gotta pick your honest, yeah, he's going for 50.

All right.

We just made it to our seats obviously we're going for the Celtics right here.

I know, we gotta buy some jerseys, but we gotta figure out which player will throw the most I think Tatum.





Go Tatum, let's.

Go who do we think he's gonna win this game? We need to get a point here.

My vote is with the Kings.

We got a lot to be I'm going with the Kings too, who are we predicting? Is gonna score the most points we need to get that bonus point.

This is easy, we're, Geniuses, I feel like he's gonna go off tonight.

The air flops is the obvious answer leading and scoring so we're going dear and Fox right swipe on the ground, they're, great, yeah.

And you got to help us again, I saw you smack the shoes out of Jessie's in you're gonna smack the wind out of Jessie's handwriting, exactly damn he's.

Not missing 11 hour.

Bucks, I, see you that's, what we need.

We need the honest to score all right.

It is just out of halftime.

Jason Tatum is on the heater he's got 26 points.

Already, six I think he might get 40.

I think we'll, win.

The first game of player, Point there's, no way someone gets more than that.

No there's, no way.

Oh good pass.

Oh three-pointers.

The Aaron fox has 13 points, it's the start of the second half.

So if he doubles it 26 points, we also need the Kings to win as a point right? I.

Want them to light the beat.

The goal of the game is to get on the Jumbotron and make the other boys.

Jealous, hey, we are in the third quarter, and the Bucks have a hundred and eight points.

This is extremely high scoring.

The honest got 22 right now foreign to get more points if he has 26 right now, but I think the Winner's gonna have over 30.

So we need them to catch back up.

We need at least 40 come on Tatum.

Come on Pacers all right, guys, apparently, our tickets have Club access we're gonna see what that is no idea what to expect he's just walking down this way here are the amenities of the club lounge access.

They've got unlimited candy.

They have endless food drinks.

It ever desire.

We hit the jackpot.

The kings are down by 10 right now.

It's, not it's, not looking good it's.

Not looking good bro.

We did not know, we're getting them all right? We live in a good right now.

All right, yes, I hope by the other teams are having just as much fun that might have been the most awkward, 40 seconds of my life.

If you don't know me or a new viewer to this channel, I'm extremely awkward, generally, shy, person, I'm, not good at dancing.

I feel like I have no rhythm.

Bro I was just like that was on the Jumbotron that you just go like I, tried y'all I'm currently in the fourth quarter, the kings are up by six.

The issue is Deanna.

Fox has not been playing since the third quarter.

He played for like two minutes in the third quarter, 19 points and I don't even see him on the bench right now.

He's gone he's gone.

I don't think we're gonna have enough points with 19.

Yeah, this is a severe blowout 140 to 108 there's about two minutes left in the game.

Jonas hasn't really been playing since they've been up by so much.

So I, don't think we're gonna win the scoring.

Thank you pig is crazy.

This thing is so powerful last one, yay, beautiful that was insane Real Talk, shout out to the Jazz for just hooking me up letting me do all these cool things haven't be sick Courtside.

This is absurd like that was so much fun to be able to shoot the cannon that was awesome.

Celtics won this game 120-95 easy work.

How much does Jason Tatum get 34 34., I think that's enough for us to win that great game and I think we get in two points for sure on to the next.

You know, what I feel like we've won.

This is Rizzo's second or third NBA game.

We've had a lounge.

We've had amazing seats.

We've had amazing food.

Have you had a good time? I've had a great time.

So we ended with 22 points, we're, definitely not getting a challenge point there, but the Bucks did win.

So we do get one point.

One point closer to sitting Courtside again, I don't want to leave Courtside I don't either.

We need to experience this again.

Our next game to go to is across the country all of the way in Miami.

And we have to go to the airport right now.

We got an early start tomorrow.

We go a flight to cash.

Yeah, yeah.

Better wake up.

I mean, I will I'm gonna set my alarm made it to the airport.

Now we got a late night flight all the way to Miami I, can't, wait to just chill on the beach.

We've made it to Miami guys, look who we found.

We have found James.

We are at South Beach right now.

We have a couple hours till the game starts.

So we thought we'd enjoy the city.

Look at the you Immaculate man, we're just vibing out right now.

I think the other guys or the police are coming.


This might be the best NBA trip ever usually I'm, literally game airplane game airplane.

But today we got free time.

Man, the water's looking beautiful, I wonder what the other boys are up to right now because I'm living good.

We woke up super late.

Uh, we've got 10 minutes until the gate closes we have to again that now 10 25 at 10 30.

We think we're on the right direction to our gate, but we've never been to the airport.

So hopefully we make it on time as we do we'll.

See you in Atlanta just landed in Denver.

We've got 40 minute, Uber drive to our hotel.

And the game starts in one hour.

Why are we cutting so close on time? I know, this is not good so we're in Atlanta in a ferris wheel.

We had extra time.

So we decided to go on this Ferris wheel, very romantic for us.

You know, but we have about 30 minutes until the game starts.

We got the Hawks and the Pacers me, personally, the Pacers got more to play for so I think the Pacers are gonna win Pacers.

It is Paces.

It is, and we have made it to the Heat arena.

We are here two hours before tip off.

We're gonna try to go inside see if we can get Early Access see if they can try to get down to the court who knows, but we got to make a prediction for this game.

So I'm predicting the upset Brooklyn's taking on the w.

We need to predict the player is going to score the most points who are you thinking, ah, I think I think Mikhail Bridges might go off today.

You know, what we'll take it we're making our way over to the game.

We've got about 20 minutes until it starts.

You should get a move on.




We gotta get these points.

We need to get the double points today.

Yeah, I think, we're losing the Johnny and Efron by one point, yeah, we're tied with Jesse and Trav.

So of course, we got to get to the game where we lose the Heat have hooked me up with the media pass ever since I played in the Celebrity Game life has been on a different level out here, wherever you get hooked up right now we're in the arena, early about to go down to the court, um stepped onto the court.



If Tyler hero makes this three I'm buying his jersey I'm buying this jersey we have stumbled upon the Press Room.

This is where they do their post game press conferences, we're gonna go back here when they're doing it.

So that should be super cool, but I feel like I have to go up there I gotta say something this is what it feels like when you drop 40 points, then everyone's asking all the questions is everyone wondering, I'm, not leaving bucket Squad I'm staying here.

So LeBron have you tried on the shoe since you've gotten them? No that's disappointing I should be an honorary member of the high five Pro.

Yes, sir I'd be like I need to be part of that gonna restrain myself I'm, not gonna go for any high fives.

This time I got enough in Utah.

Are you proud of me? I'm, very proud.

You were strong.

It is time for the player.


Those things are about to literally breathe fire like a dragon I'm excited.

Oh, you can feel the heat from the place.

Three two one.

We have made it to the Hops Arena I think I forgot who's.

Gonna score the most points I saw Tyrese Halliburton yesterday.

So I feel like he's gonna go off today.

So we'll see alrighty.

We are here in our seats, and it is actually even better than last time.


These are the best seats I've had in my whole life.

Oh yeah, eyes down big, shout out to the NBA hooking us up.

Yes, NBA.

We love you here.

We picking we need two points here.

We gotta go with the bucks.

So for our top scorer we're gonna go for through holiday Jew holiday.

Bro he's got a decent chance of getting a lot of points.

Yeah, obvious answer is Giannis, but I heard that he did not play the fourth quarter.

When Jesse's game was so he might sit out the fourth quarter here, too, if it's a good game, I'm a man of my word, boys I'm, getting the Tyler hero Jersey.

And this is so fire bro.

This is one of my favorite jerseys in the NBA.

So they're gonna put me on the Jumbotron I'm gonna be sat right there.

And then all the cheerleaders are gonna be behind me.

But this time I don't have to dance.


Go it's.

My moment, I'm so excited, I, got it all right? Trey young just got ejected from the game.

Oh, my God, 84 84., literally either team could win if he got ejected in the third quarter, bro, that's, unfortunate, unfortunately, because of the Box, yeah, oh Donna's makes it so easy.

He just dunked it with without any effort.

Okay, we gotta shoot.

It he's gonna make it another one another.

Another three, he checked I want to give a huge shout out to the NBA for partnering with us on this video, making it possible at every single Arena me and the boys tried all different types of food and raided them and it's all on the NBA app, which you can download by scanning the QR code on the screen right now or checking out the link, Down Below in the description, this club in Miami had the craziest food.

You are definitely gonna want to see it and it's NBA playoffs right now.

So you're definitely gonna want the app for that.

So make sure you guys go download it.

And now back to the video Jimmy.

We need you to score passes.

It let's, go truce, back-to-back, threes, he's on fire.

We have made it to our seats.

See we can spot James, apparently, he's, Courtside.

So let's, check in with him, I don't know where Jesse's sitting at, but your boy is sitting courtside at this game.

And we got a beautiful view going into the fourth quarter, the Heat have 87.

The Nets have 104., hey, good prediction on the Nets.

Yeah, we're.

Pretty confident the Nets are gonna win so we'll get our point there, but we need Bridges to keep going off he's got 22 right now, if he could get to 30 I'd be confident, we get the two points.

This time, the Pacers we picked them said, they lost by so much against the Celtics yesterday and Tyrese Auburn didn't have that many points.

So I, don't think we're gonna get either Point unfortunate the hall type, one 143 130.

We got zero points for this I hope, the rest of the guys did not get any points at all bridges end with 27.

We beat Efron and Johnny's team.

Now we need to have to beat Rizzle and Jeff to get the two points.

Pretty sure that's gonna put us in the lead all hope of winning any points today has gone out the window Drew holiday is going to end the night with how many boys riddle, no, no, nine points.

Giannis is currently on 31 points that might have won us around.

Yeah, if we want to judge Giannis, we would have won today, but there's, no way to win being down, 22 points, I don't think we're going to the final game and the Nets have won by 29 Points.

They have two blowouts back to back before.

You try to go to The Press, Room, I I would say, I, don't know, the world-class level the way we're capable of that was I.

Can finally breathe I've never been in a more quiet Library with the heat losing The Vibes in there were just completely off.

It was too intense we're, leaving I don't want to see the express conference, wait how you doing boss that's my captain, right? There, Ron, good to see you again.

So we've come away from this game with a grand total of zero points, we're gonna head back to the hotel.

We've got an early flight in the morning.

This flight is two hours earlier than our flight.

This morning that we already have one we're already late for the last yeah, we're exhausted from traveling I don't understand how Jesse used to do this in the past.

It is the end of the night.

And these scores are in from the team.

So Rizzle and Jeff have a score of one let's, go Johnny and Efron have a score of two.

And we have a score of three let's.

Go we're going to the fourth and final game, we're sitting Courtside.

The reason we stopped the competition after two games, because we have to figure out flights tickets for the final game.

So we're gonna figure that out right now where we're going for our fourth and final game, and where we'll sit Courtside baby in the morning, though we leave to Charlotte for the Hornets Mavs game, super early in the morning we are at the airport about to head to Charlotte.

And we have figured out the situation for the fourth and final game.

We're gonna go to Charlotte watch the Hornets game.

Right when the game ends we're heading back to the airport to go back to Florida.

But this time we're going to Orlando we're supposed to get there 10 minutes before the game starts, but it's, an 30 minute drive to the airport.

So we have a car service, ready to pick us up the moment we get there we'll probably get to the game after the first quarter starts.

And if the flight gets delayed, maybe we might miss the first half.

But if it really gets delayed, we could miss the entire game and fail, the entire Challenge.

And our flights have been delayed multiple hours on these types of videos.

So many times.

So we literally are just praying for the best, but this could all go wrong.

We're off the Apple.

Guess what somehow we're late again, why don't you want too late this time there so it's, not as bad last time, there's, a storm there's, a huge storm on the East Coast right now, hopefully our plane takes off it's gonna be a huge problem.

If it gets delayed because we're supposed to get San Francisco like with an hour before our game starts.

So if we get delayed more than like 30, 45 minutes, I, don't know, if we're gonna make it and we have made it to Charlotte, but boys I have bad news.

Look up in the sky.

A storm is literally on its way, Johnny and Efron are stuck in it we're supposed to leave this game to go back to Orlando.

But if a thunderstorm is here, our plane is definitely gonna get delayed and we're already supposed to be late for the Orlando game.

So I, literally have no idea.

What's gonna happen.

Oh, I'm, getting really nervous.

If we cannot complete this video because of a thunderstorm I'ma be so sad.

We came all the way we literally walked 20 minutes, we're at gate, 821, our gate changed to B21.

So it's.

Another 20 minutes, walk back and it's also delayed 40 minutes.

Now are we gonna make a game result? It's gonna be a very Thai one now, because we had time on the other side.

Now we did all right.

We made it to the airport, it's, 12, 30.

and uh, security line is long.

The Uber driver told us, there's, no chance we're making this flight.

He said, literally, no chance.

All right we have made it to our seats, I actually, really like Charlotte's Arena, though, and we get to see Luca playing literally right there.

The legend, if only he was wearing the shoes, we gave him imagine that would be crazy, I've actually, never seen him play in person.

Every time I've gone to a Mavs game.

He's been injured, I'm, super excited, I think we're gonna have to leave in the fourth quarter, though we've already won the fourth game, but I'm just gonna predict Mavericks winning and Luca with the most points.

We did it Uber driver was wrong.

He doubted us, but we knew deep down inside great timing, timing, great, timing, we're, stuck in heavy traffic.

Now we have 30 minutes until the game stops and we're about 30 minutes away.

Um, yeah, it's.

Not looking good Chief, all right Luca with the ball.

Spin, move three pointer.

Oh, okay.

This is getting kind of bad for the Mavs Hornets up by 11 in the first we made to the chase Center.

We got the Warriors versus the Timberwolves.

What do you think's gonna win? You already know they got the Warriors winning this? Obviously we've got the Warriors winning this league.

We have made it to our seats.

It is pretty good.


These These are pretty nice who's.

Gonna score the most we need the since I'm wearing Curry New, Jersey I'm going for curry scoring the most points I'm down with that.

We just pulled up to the game.

I said, we go with the Thunder and choose a thunder to win.

You want to see a magic trick hit me.


Now, if you ever see Trav in public just ask him to hit you, and you might get a jersey got the lamello Jersey, it's, crazy.

Man, I.

Remember, back in my day, Glenn Adam at the local gym don't sleep on me.

I could have made it to the league too Luca.

Top of the key half time.

The Hornets are up by seven points, Beluga hit four threes in a row.

Man's just heating up.

It looks like.

We got a dip back to the airport in about 30 minutes, I'm still nervous.

Our flight's gonna get delayed.

Oh next Maverick bucket.

We have to go all right.

Luca, send us home.

Three all right.

We got a dip I, don't want to miss this flight.

Boy, we gotta go.



Go we're out, where is the car? Oh, we're on the wrong side of the stadium.

Are you serious this way? I will not miss my flight walking onto the plane right now there was no delay.

So next stop Orlando.

We were finally right, yes, Thunder I'm taking her home.

And guess what it's raining for the Thunder for the Thunder, but yeah, we're heading home.

Hope Jess is having a sick time at the final game.

This is Jeff and Rizzle check it out check it out.

We have made it to Orlando.

The storm literally passed right by so we're able to get here with no delay and Luca ended up dropping 40 points, but they lost the game.

So it looks like we're gonna get to the Orlando game right around the first quarter, I'm excited, all right boys I'm watching the game.

There is 10 minutes left in the second quarter.

It is a one point game where about five minutes away I'm, hyped, we're, literally, Courtside, it's gonna be sick, I think I see our seats because I see two empty seats, Courtside so they're, waiting for us and I have made it inside of the Arena.

The game is going on we're, literally here, five minutes left of the second quarter boys check out.

These seats let's go.

And this is officially game.

Number 10 boys apparently they're gonna have me shoot a half court shot to win.

Someone 500 guys, I don't know how to describe this, but it's Surreal Life is crazy.

You hear everything they say, I feel like they're gonna run into me, I feel like I'm about to sub in time that could have been us.

Loki I.

Hope someone falls on us the RV for sure all right guys.

This is my moment.

Foreign, oh, yeah, oh, you are hooping out there that was crazy.

Bro I've been fantastic.

We just went to 10 NBA games in 50 hours.


This is our final stop.


Didn't go to all of them, though, I'm about to say, I, don't know, you make that many games, yeah, it's not false.

So you were hooping right and I was like this dude is nice, but I couldn't help.

But think like I could take you all on one in a Three-Point Contest there's, a little aspect there.

We can set that up.

Okay, it's going down this summer.

1V1, let's.

Do it? Appreciate you? Appreciate you guys pulling up.

We've done it.

Boys 10 games in 50 hours I want to give a big.

Thank you to everyone watching for making this possible without y'all.

It wouldn't happen and big, shout out to the NBA for sponsoring this video make sure to check out this QR code popping up on screen to go see our food reviews.

It will really help me out or link, Down Below in the description to download the NBA app there's so much good content, shout out to the boys.

If you want to see me go to seven playoff games in five days, it's popping up or five NBA games in 50 hours, I know, you're gonna love it.

If you made it to the end of this video subscribe, if you haven't already we'll, see you in the next one peace.


How long have NBA games been 48 minutes? ›

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How long is an NBA basketball game? ›

Each quarter makes up a 12-minute session, meaning that in total a game of basketball will last for 48-minutes at NBA level. Some major European and international setups, though, will use a 10-minute quarter instead, making the whole match 40-minutes in length.

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Alex Scales10
JamesOn Curry10

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LeBron James' go-to meal is a huge salad loaded with veggies, lean protein, and good fats. What does LeBron James eat in a day? He frequently adds avocado, grilled chicken or salmon, and a variety of greens and cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower to his meals.

What does q1 mean in basketball? ›

Typically, a quadrant 1 win is considered a "good win", while a quadrant 4 loss is considered a "bad loss". The quadrants are defined as follows: Quadrant 1: Home games vs. RPI teams ranked in the top 30; neutral games vs. 1-50; away games vs.

What does H2 mean in basketball? ›

H2 Indicates Substitution

Substitution in basketball is indicated by the letter H2. The number following H2 indicates the player that will be substituted in for the original player on the court.

What is 1st half in basketball? ›

In a basketball game, there are two halves, composed of four quarters. The first half thus includes the first and second quarter, while the second half includes the third and fourth quarter.

Do all NBA Finals go to 7 games? ›

Only four NBA Finals have needed a Game 7 since 1994, with the most recent instance coming in 2016. The following Finals are the ones that needed a Game 7: 1951, 1952, 1954, 1955, 1957, 1960, 1962, 1966, 1969, 1970, 1974, 1978, 1984, 1988, 1994, 2005, 2010, 2013 and 2016.

Is NBA Finals first to 3? ›

NBA Finals schedule (Nuggets lead series, 3-1)

The Finals, like all four rounds of the NBA playoffs, are a best-of-seven series, as has been the case since 2003. The Finals feature a 2-2-1-1-1 format, with the team with the better record hosting Games 1, 2, 5 and 7 and the other team hosting Games 3, 4 and 6.

Why is the NBA Finals every 2 days? ›

In the past, there had been a mix of one-day and two-day breaks. The announcement allows for a more normalized scheduling system while also avoiding some of the fatigue problems that have come up in past Finals matchups.

What do NBA players do during halftime? ›

At halftime of an N.B.A. game, for instance, players sit attentively, absorbing the coach's instructions. They rehydrate, and maybe even change into a fresh uniform. Their focus for those 15 minutes rests entirely on what must be done in the second half to win the game.

What is winning at the end of every quarter? ›

Basketball brings additional neat markets to quarter betting, too. On FanDuel, there's the “race to 10 or 15 points” and the unique “winner at the end of every quarter” bet. This means that the winner must lead the game at the buzzer of every quarter. If neither team does, the winning bet is “any other result”.

Does a timeout reset the 10 second count? ›

Whenever play stops in the backcourt in high school basketball – for a timeout, a ball knocked out of bounds, a held ball, a foul or defensive violation; and a new-throw in is awarded – the 10-second clock is reset.

Who played most minutes in NBA? ›

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has played the most minutes in NBA history.

How many 3 pointers did Kareem make? ›

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar made 1 shot from beyond the arc in his career.

How fast would LeBron run a mile? ›

With his rigorous workout regime, it's no surprise that Cleveland's superstar is asked how many miles he can run. He is capable of running a mile in 4:20. Basketball players, on average, run 2.55 miles per game, but LeBron takes his training to the next level by going 5-7 days per week.

Has anyone ever played all 48 minutes of an NBA game? ›

Vince Williams played for 48 minutes versus the Thunder on April 9.

Why is the NBA shot clock 24? ›

The 24-second shot clock was applied to force teams to attempt a shot before the time expired, to pick up the pace, and to avoid stalling. Before the 24-second shot clock was imposed, teams found a way to stall, especially when they held a lead.

Who is the legend of the NBA? ›

Legends profile: Michael Jordan.

Who put up 100 points in 1 game? ›

On March 2, 1962, Wilt Chamberlain tallied 100 points for the Warriors in a 169-147 win. Wilt Chamberlain scores 100 points to set a single-game NBA record. NBA.com takes a look back at the top moments that define the history of the NBA.

Who has a 80 point game? ›


Bryant's 81-point game is almost as famous as Chamberlain's 100. It's the only other time in NBA history a player has scored 80 or more points in a game, and only one other player (Devin Booker of the Phoenix Suns) has hit 70 points since then.

Has any team scored 100 points in a game? ›

Houston Oilers, 1963) Played on December 22, 1963, the game took place in the American Football League (AFL), but it was absorbed into official NFL records after the NFL–AFL merger. The Oakland Raiders defeated the Houston Oilers 52–49, combining for a total of 101 points. It was Oakland's eighth win in a row.

Did Curry score 50 points? ›

Kings. Golden State's star sharpshooter enjoys another historic moment, which also set his playoff career high. Stephen Curry lights up the Kings in Game 7.

What NBA team scored 186 points in a game? ›

* Box Score: Pistons 186, Nuggets 184

Two of the best offenses in the NBA during the 1983-84 season produced one of the wildest games in NBA history on Dec. 13, 1983. The Pistons won the historic game in triple-overtime 186-184.

Has any NBA player scored 90 points? ›

1: Wilt Chamberlain Sets NBA Record with 100-Point Game. No player has even scored 90 in a contest, much less matched Chamberlain's record of 100 points.

Who has a 100 point game in the NBA? ›

Cherry calls it the "ultimate picture" of Wilt Chamberlain. Chamberlain's 100 points is widely considered one of basketball's greatest records. Decades after his record, many NBA teams did not even average 100 points as fewer field goals per game were being attempted.

Has LeBron James scored 70 points in a game? ›

David Thompson, Elgin Baylor and David Robinson are among the others to have scored 70 points in a single game. Michael Jordan and LeBron James, often regarded as the greatest players in basketball, have never scored more than 70 points in a single game.

Who has the most 100 point games in NBA history? ›

Who has the most points in a game in NBA history?
1.Wilt Chamberlain100
2.Kobe Bryant81
3.Wilt Chamberlain78
T-4.Wilt Chamberlain73
13 more rows
Feb 26, 2023

Has anyone played 48 minutes in the NBA? ›

Yes, many players have played 48 minutes in a game. Usually they were playing a lot of minutes in the regulation time of the game (with a few minutes of rest), and then got over 48 minutes in the overtime.

How many minutes was a NBA game in 1961? ›

In the 1961-62 season, a season where Chamberlain put up absurd numbers in 50.4 ppg and 25.7 a game, Wilt also had another stellar record for the ages. The big man averaged 48.5 minutes despite the NBA only having 48 minutes a game.

What NBA players have played 48 minutes? ›

Players who played 48 or more minutes in Fnals series include, but are not limited to, Bryan Russell of the Utah Jazz; Wilt Chamberlain and Jerry West of the LA Lakers; and Jerry Lucas, Walt Frazier, Dave Debuschere and Willis Reed of the NY Knicks.

How many minutes were NBA games in the 60s? ›

Most stars usually played 40+ mins a game, with the biggest stars like Bill and Wilt even playing 45+ mins a game.

What is the longest time without a loss in the NBA? ›

The Los Angeles Lakers won an NBA-record 33 straight games in 1971-72. Despite losing Elgin Baylor to retirement early in the season, the Lakers didn't drop a single matchup from Nov. 11, 1971, to Jan. 2, 1972.

How did Wilt Chamberlain average 48.5 minutes a game? ›

As a result of playing more minutes of overtime than he sat out during regulation, Wilt averaged 48.5 minutes per game that year, even though a regulation game is only 48 minutes.

What was the hardest NBA era to score in? ›

1960s, Overall

The NBA in the 1960s was rougher, tougher, smaller and less visible than just about every decade that followed. But it may have been the best basketball decade of them all. The Boston Celtics dominated. Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points in a game.

Who played the most minutes in NBA history? ›

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has played the most minutes in NBA history.

Did Wilt have a quintuple double? ›

On March 18, 1968 Wilt Chamberlain allegedly dropped an unofficial (blocks and steals weren't recorded until the 1973–74 season) quintuple double with 53 points, 32 rebounds, 14 assists, 24 blocks, and 11 steals.

Has Jordan ever played 48 minutes? ›

Michael Jordan played 23 games with 48+ minutes played.

Has anyone played a full NBA game? ›

Vince Williams played for 48 minutes versus the Thunder on April 9.

Who has the most minutes in an NBA game without scoring? ›

Interpreted as:
Dennis Rodman12/13/199343
Dennis Rodman11/12/199343
T.R. Dunn11/11/198643
Dennis Awtrey11/15/197443
20 more rows

What was the best time in NBA history? ›

Best NBA Regular Season Records
Chicago Bulls199769-13
Los Angeles Lakers197269-13
Philadelphia 76ers196768-13
Boston Celtics197368-14
50 more rows

When was NBA pace the slowest? ›

slowest pace season in NBA history
14 more rows

How fast was Wilt Chamberlain? ›

He ran the 100-yard dash in 10.9 seconds, shot-putted fifty-six feet (17 m), triple jumped more than fifty feet (15 m), and won the high jump in the Big Eight Conference track-and-field championships in three consecutive years. Chamberlain allegedly dunked on an experimental 12-foot basket set up by Phog Allen.

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