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Hope you enjoyed


Your words up guys, it's me running back at it again with our marble of gold.

So for today's, you know, I will be teaching you guys home how to easily and I say, easy, I mean, easy easily tame a man it's, a pretty simple tank, I wore a lot of people overestimate it.

And you think that's, super duper hard to take, but it's, pretty simple.

If you just follow these steps and make this cage.

So I have made a cage.

And oh, there's gonna be two pops it's gonna be me getting the food, which it needs angela gels so I'm going to be getting some angela gel.

But then the second part of the view, basically where I'm going to be taming one and making all not making the pen.

But so you can see with the pen looks like because it's a pretty easy pen to make.

So apparently I get their eyesight with these bubbles.

So it's, just underwater site improves those sir let's count globally.


We had no I'm spin, taking often user online at home it.

So I could get that light and since it's a bit dark.

So let's get the - homie I also quick, it's, cool.


So now we've got a light.

We can breathe.



Do this all right? Sir, bring your biggest meanest painting creature out there that goes under one.

Now you can do that do this for the piper crossbar, then Hawaii it's, not suggested because there I love deadly creatures.

Underwater I've had this for a long time.

So it's got a lot of health.

So I'm, just gonna go get some Angela gel.

Now probably I gonna Angela gel it's, really simple.

You just go to the bottom of the sea.

And this is creature called an Angela.

Now you can call it angle law.

If you've won three bodies, prophetically, Angela, so it's, an Angela.

And basically when you kill it, you, it drops Angela Jennifer.

And you only need to kill like once so it's, not even that part of the mission and it's pretty much every way underwater.

You just gonna find them we'll use it up that is an Angela on our.

You can actually take my lunch of kids, but I wouldn't don't suggest it.

Now you ready to be wondering, well, hi my Megalodon has sewers stop still fighting.

Well, if you don't away Michael don't, but one of the greatest if not the greatest stamina like he just not the topple.

Mm once I, guess, mm, he faints so he's, always invincible -.

Thanks there's.

An Angela right there now they're a bit of little bit trick people think they hit you in the new Vaughn, and then they can use.

So you just need to be sure that you're chasing them.

There are pretty simple times in the mantle.

And remember there is a daily mission.

And that is to Manta and Dale you coming Bernie or it's up.

For example, like this big black clothes in your inventory that will come again.

Let me just finish it off.

And you really need like 10 Angela.

But if you have a 10 times bomb, you only need one Angela now pull over if you want struggling to get Angela, that's, fine just trade with someone unless it's so little, then just try to get him a little I'm trying to get Mosasaurus.

If I get underwater, fine up.

A Duncan is not suggested as a fighter it's more than or Obama, but you can use that to me.


So now that we have the food so let's, just check out 32,000, not to take like three, three, mantas and be away.

You can also use Angela I've heard that you can use into a gel for fuel.

Now that could be for for finding fourth or whatever I am not too sure about that.

But you can use I school I heard that.

So right, yeah, it's a flame for a long duration sorts of fuel.

I mean, it could be something else, but it sounds like it's a fuel because they saying for a long during yeah.

So now that we have the food in order to tame it.

Now, I'll see you up once in the Megalodon, but I'll see you on the other side where we have a mantle and a trap and we'll trap it with an easy technique that I all righty way back.

So now that we have the food let's, go time.

A man, talk, sorry.

What you want to do is you want to have these resources I'm about to show you well, do you want one gateway? One door will want diner like gateway thing.

Now, you're gonna want 10 stern foundations you want.

You want to start foundations to railing and like 10 yet, 10, 9 20, Wolf's eyes, folks a bit confused so that's, the amount that you need the numbers.

So now you want a pro, okay, or you want a good jump up.

So what you're gonna do is all right? This is the cage.

It should look like this.

Once you build it.

Sir let's.

Go build build let's.

Go get a mantis.

So basically what you're gonna do is when you get the Mantid you're, just gonna quickly go here and you're gonna wait for the DOE to automatically close.

Now, if it's like PCO, something you can't, actually set it we're automatically closed or manually, please? But oh my ball.

You can't do that sir mentor right off the bat they're, pretty easy to find it practically everywhere.

Now you can't make a great great by talking you.

Oh, you can just just turn near it.

I don't get super angry.

I'll, just follow you today.

So some anklets on there, who's, not looking nice, but honestly it's kind of fun.

Now, I don't care.

How many mantas we tame? Yeah, but it's just like a random amount of how many they come so let's now I'm going to jump out.

So now that's stuck in okay, no.


This there's someone in there, yeah, yeah.



This preaches in there, just wait for it to automatically close.

So basically it wants Angela jail, which is what we collected, and it doesn't really want that much.

Now the doors finally closed start everything in this place has a purpose.

The walls is to keep it from escaping the gates to put them in and the foundations and the railing up for a specific reason that you can figure out soon all right? Sir, yeah.

What we do is we quickly dispense with the feed him, some Angela gel until they're hungry.

Then you just jump here and wait so I'll, see you there once it's, tamed all right? Wife, you're, pretty that process you should now have them tamed.

Sir I taint the mantas sir now, the mint is a yo.

And honestly, this should be easy attempt.

You just need the right seafood.

You can you can do it with ease and militants people underestimate anta's men circumstances, mantas on how hot they ought to tape, but they're, pretty simple Serge.

You can like to sell them to people and you're that okay amount like maybe like 13, good.

So 14 gets or 50.

And you can make a decent profit, which is breeding them because they're pretty simple to breathe, pretty quick.

They don't lay eggs, and you don't have the hatch and all that stuff because it's a sea creature.

So basically that's how you to momentum, pretty simple.

Now you can ride it easily with the saddle you just chuck a saddle on.

It are things like a little video, something you unlock it and Angela gel.

You can use it as a you can use as a fuel, it's, it's, an okay fuel, but that's going to wrap it up for today's.

We don't hope you did enjoy if taming a manta now I'm gonna drown dude, I ain't going to down I'm.

So dead, yeah, alright.

Well, I.

Hope, you enjoyed this video, please hanging in Manta.

Now you can go to Amman to good stuff.

Pretty simple you.


How to tame manta easy ark mobile!? ›

Normally docile, Manta mobula is a carnivore only in that it naturally consumes plankton.

What do Mantas eat in Ark Mobile? ›

Normally docile, Manta mobula is a carnivore only in that it naturally consumes plankton.

What do Mantas feed on? ›

Manta rays primarily feed on planktonic organisms such as euphausiids, copepods, mysids, decapod larvae, and shrimp, but some studies have noted their consumption of small and moderately sized fish as well.

What food do Mantas eat? ›

Mantas eat plankton – more specifically zooplankton. This consists of copepods, mysid shrimp, crab larva, mollusk larvae and fish eggs. Think of an “alphabet soup” of small and microscopic organisms of various kinds and species.

How much do Mantas eat? ›

Manta rays feed primarily on plankton.

A resident Reef Manta Ray can eat a daily average of 11 pounds (5 kg) of this food! Manta rays filter plankton through their modified gills, using their special cephalic fins as a funnel to increase the amount of food entering their mouth.

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