The 8 Best Towel Colors for a Beige Bathroom (2024)


The 8 Best Towel Colors for a Beige Bathroom (1)

Expert consulted: Maria Shams – I have asked Maria to compile this list of the best towel colors to use in your beige bathroom because she is a qualified architect and has direct experience in designing and styling beige bathrooms.

If you think that your beige bathroom looks drab and boring then you’ll be pleased to know that you can actually use the neutral palette as a canvas for a range of colors to liven it up.

For example, you can create contrasting and colorful details with curtains, tiles, alcove designs, light fixtures, window treatments, mirrors, and even candle arrangements.

But in this article, I’m going to focus exclusively on selecting the best towel colors to use in your beige bathroom because towels are a bathroom necessity that also provide an easy way to change the look of your bathroom with relative ease.

I’ve chosen a range of colors to create effects that range from a minimalist theme to interesting contrast with striped towels.

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The 8 Best Towel Colors for a Beige Bathroom

I’ve hand-picked the designs below so that you can create a style that suits your preferences.

If you want to have a go at refining your color palette and choosing your own colors, then I recommend using the Adobe Color Wheel by setting the base color to beige (the beige hex value is #F5F5DC ) and then selecting the different color harmony rules on the left-hand panel to generate different colors.

Otherwise, you can just copy the designs below as you please relative to your requirements.

1: Beige – Double Down For a Minimalist Look

The 8 Best Towel Colors for a Beige Bathroom (2)

If you happen to like your beige bathroom color palette, then you can consider doubling down by adding beige towels to create a minimalist theme.

This works really well for small bathrooms – such as compact hall bathrooms – because the lighter tones can stop the space from feeling cramped and overcrowded.

In the sample image, you will notice the presence of a single beige color across various features, including the wall finish, bathroom vanity, and towel against the same surface.

This creates a subdued ambiance that’s broken up subtly through surface texture and different materials – rather than color.

This contributes to a relaxing and tranquil interior in which the neutral tones reduce visual stimuli, thus allowing the eye to relax.

2: Peach and Coral – Introduces Warmth

The 8 Best Towel Colors for a Beige Bathroom (3)

A beige bathroom background has underlying warm tones, owing to the yellowish tinge present in the beige.

To capitalize on the warmth of these undertones, a warm color palette of peach and coral shades can be incorporated into the bathroom towels and décor.

The soft, feminine touch introduced in this color palette will contribute to a warm, inviting space, with all the charm of a well-lived room.

In the sample image, you can see how the peach palette extends to other decorative features, like the vanity set.

In this way, the induction of color is not intrusive but is artfully scattered throughout various features, consolidating its presence in the space.

This look goes really well with a rustic farmhouse sink area.

3: Brown – Creates an Earthy Color Palette

The 8 Best Towel Colors for a Beige Bathroom (4)

Pair brown towels with your beige walls to create a color palette of warm, neutral tones, adhering to a monotone theme that includes both light and dark shades of brown.

An earthy palette of colors invokes the presence of natural features, thus contributing to a calming atmosphere.

This aspect can be enhanced by introducing indoor plants into your décor.

The warm browns add a feeling of tranquility to your bathroom interior – brown is also a good color to ground almond and bone colored bathrooms.

Moreover, the variation of dark and light shades defines a visual hierarchy, bringing certain features into focus, while allowing others to recede into the background.

You can extend the use of brown to other features across the bathroom to use this visual focus to your advantage.

For example, placing the hand towel on the wall not only makes it easier to keep the sink area dry, but it creates a point of contrast that allows the white of the sink basin to pop – whilst also tying in with the dark brown sink cabinet for continuity.

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4: Cream – Brings In Brightness

The 8 Best Towel Colors for a Beige Bathroom (5)

Cream is a good choice of color for your towels in a beige bathroom if you want to create natural brightness.

This works really well in attic bathrooms with a skylight because the towels will catch the natural light and lift the brightness of the space – which is ideal in a bathroom that’s cozy rather than open.

I like this approach to adding brightness because it’s done in a complementary way that’s not too overpowering.

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For instance, the white rim of the bathtub and the white ceiling become points of cooling brightness in a space otherwise steeped in warmth, thus creating a balance of color tones.

5: Teal – Injects Contrasting Coolness

The 8 Best Towel Colors for a Beige Bathroom (6)

All of the designs we have looked at so far play on the beige palette in a subtle way.

But what if you want to add some contrasting color pops to liven up the space?

Then you should consider adding some teal-colored towels to your bathroom.

But why teal?

Because teal comes from the cooler end of the color spectrum that contrasts nicely against the warm beige undertones.

And according to color psychology, colors like blue and teal create a sense of comfort and serenity in a space.

If you want to take this to the next level you can introduce light blue throughout your bathroom.

6: Autumnal Tones – Warm and Cozy

The 8 Best Towel Colors for a Beige Bathroom (7)

In a beige bathroom, you have the opportunity to introduce not just a single color, but an entire curated palette of colors.

Any color palette should contain at least one neutral tone, and here the preexisting beige fulfills that role.

A fall color palette of mossy greens and warm oranges evokes a cozy atmosphere, bringing to mind the shifting of seasons and the cycle of life that it denotes.

I recommend curating a mixture of colors to create a complementary set of towels.

Accentuate the theme by incorporating an indoor plant or a dried arrangement in a vase.

By including a set of cinnamon or sandalwood-scented ones, you can cater to the olfactory sense, strengthening the fall theme.

7: Pink and White Stripes – Adds a Touch of Playful Color

The 8 Best Towel Colors for a Beige Bathroom (8)

A predominantly beige bathroom interior can come off as boring and dull.

To combat this, you can use your bathroom towels to introduce a touch of color to liven the place up.

We have already considered this with the teal bathroom towels, but we can step this up a notch with some more vibrant colors.

For example, a color like pink – hailing from the color family of reds – adds life and vitality to the interior space.

If this is a bit much for you, then the vibrancy of pink can be muted by pairing it with a neutralizing color like white in a lined pattern.

The resulting effect is a soft influx of color, neither too overpowering, nor too diminutive.

8: Pastels – Muted Color Pops

The 8 Best Towel Colors for a Beige Bathroom (9)

To create a soft influx of color, introduce a set of muted pastels into your beige bathroom space.

In the sample design, the shades of sage green, steel gray, and soft pink offer all the vitality of the pastel palette.

At the same time, the desaturated nature of these color tones ensures that the overall look is not too overwhelming to the senses.

Any color in a muted shade brings a distinct subtlety of color to a space.

It adds serenity and stability to an interior atmosphere, conveying a sense of class and sophistication in its use of color.


The range of colors that I’ve provided for you can be paired with a beige bathroom interior to create a pleasantly-designed space in a range of ways.

For example, you can double down with beige towels to create a subtle look or add pops of color with teal, pinks, and pastels.

Don’t forget that patterns also offer a way to add detail and interest.

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Image Attribution and Licensing

Main image: ‘Bathroom Towels’ by Lana_M. Licensed via Envato Elements).

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The 8 Best Towel Colors for a Beige Bathroom (10)


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The 8 Best Towel Colors for a Beige Bathroom (2024)


What is the best color for bathroom towels? ›

When choosing a bath towel color, consider your personal style and the mood you want to create in your bathroom. Soft, muted colors such as lavender, light green, and baby blue create a calming atmosphere, while bright, bold colors like red and orange energize the space.

How do you color coordinate towels? ›

When choosing the best color towels, you need to consider the base color of the room. Then, find a shade of towel that complements it. For example, if your bathroom is predominantly white or neutral in its shade, then stay clear of white towels. Instead, invest in a splash of color.

How do I choose bathroom towels? ›

Make sure the towel is of high quality and has a thick fabric to provide good absorbency. The first is the type of cotton used. Combed cotton is less likely to pill and is generally softer than other types of cotton. Ringspun cotton towels are also softer and more durable.

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