The Top 5 Prop Trading Firms in 2023 | CoinBrain (2024)

Explore the 2023 proprietary trading landscape with the top 5 prop trading firms. Learn more about their unique offerings and how they can shape your trading career.

Key Takeaways:

  • Proprietary trading opens up opportunities for traders to engage in financial markets with significant capital, mitigating personal financial risk.
  • Prop trading firms offer enticing profit splits, with some such as FTMO, MyforexFund, and BillionsClub providing up to a 90:10 split in favor of the trader.
  • The prop trading industry is rich and dynamic, with firms offering various trading assets, including crypto, forex, commodities, and indices.
  • Selecting a prop trading firm should involve careful consideration of its evaluation procedures, profit split, available trading assets, and support infrastructure.

What is Prop Trading?

Proprietary trading, more commonly known as prop trading, is an investment strategy where financial institutions provide their capital to third-party traders to execute trades on their behalf. In this arrangement, the profits generated from these trades are shared between the traders and the firm, providing a win-win situation for both parties involved.

The emergence of prop trading has marked a significant shift in the financial industry, democratizing access to large trading capitals. It reduces individual risk by allowing traders to operate with the firm's money rather than their personal funds. The potential for higher profits, coupled with the reduced personal financial risk, makes prop trading an attractive option for both new and experienced traders.

The List of Top 5 Prop Trading Firms


Founded in 2015, FTMO is the biggest player in the prop trading industry right now. It offers a wide range of tradable instruments, including forex, commodities, indices, and crypto. Their two-phase evaluation process, starting with the FTMO challenge, ensures they partner only with the most proficient traders.

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With a maximum capital provision of up to $400K and a profit split scaling up to 90:10, FTMO stands as a highly competitive option for ambitious traders. The refundable fee ranges from €155 for an account of $10K, up to €1080 for $200K. If you are looking for a trustworthy prop trading partner with years of experience FTMO is the way to go.

2. MyForexFunds

With a well-established reputation, MyForexFunds offers three unique trading programs catering to traders of varying experience levels. Their "Rapid" program is designed as a three-month demo training program for traders new to the scene.

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The "Evaluation" account is for semi-professional traders wanting to access more capital, providing a maximum of $300K. Their "Accelerated" account is for full-time, profitable traders who wish to skip the evaluation process and access capital instantly. This can scale up to $2M, and payouts occur weekly. The refundable fee ranges from $49 for an account of $5K, up to $1,389 for $300K.


As a fresh entrant, BillionsClub brings innovation to the prop trading scene. With a wide array of trading assets, including stocks, crypto, forex, and commodities, traders have a broad market to operate in.

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The firm presents a 45-day challenge where traders demonstrate their skills before accessing the firm's capital. Refundable fee for the challenge ranges from $49 for an account of $5K, up to $499 for $100K.

The education programs offered by BillionsClub in Academy are created in-house by experts in the field. They provide a valuable resource for traders wishing to enhance their knowledge, skills, and profitability. Customer support is available 24/7, ensuring help is always at hand. Traders may also join the BillionsClub discord, where the community of established traders shares the newest strategies and insights.

4. My Funded FX

Emerging in the prop trading landscape, My Funded FX offers traders the opportunity to manage up to $600K of capital. The firm provides traders with a one or two-step evaluation program depending on their trading experience.

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The profit split can reach up to 80:20 in favor of the trader, and payouts are processed through Deel, a platform designed for safe and easy international transactions. A key differentiator for My Funded FX is their open communication and supportive customer service, providing guidance through every step of the trading journey.

5. The Funded Trader

The Funded Trader offers a unique and engaging experience with its gamified interface and a wide variety of trading programs tailored to suit different trader experience levels. They offer initial funding from $600K to $1.5M for consistent profit-makers, with a generous 90:10 profit split.

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The firm's evaluation process is unique, involving a two-phase challenge to assess a trader's profitability and consistency. Traders have 35 days for the first phase and up to 60 days for the verification phase.

The Bottom Line

Prop trading firms offer a unique platform for traders to exercise their strategies with sizable capital, reduce personal financial risk, and amplify their potential earnings. However, it's essential to conduct thorough research and understand the inherent risks before embarking on this journey.

Keep in mind that prop trading is a highly competitive industry and the pressure for delivering results could be high. Select a firm that aligns with your trading goals and strategies. Remember, while prop trading firms provide exciting opportunities, trading always involves risk, and potential financial loss is part of the equation. Approach with informed caution and make decisions wisely.

The Top 5 Prop Trading Firms in 2023 | CoinBrain (2024)
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